Artisan of Timber

handcrafted elegant creations

A pedigree of passion

Of family & FOREST

Meet Brian, The Artisan of Timber. With a lineage of woodworkers dating back several generations, Brian was born with a chisel in one hand and a splinter in the other. From making chairs and stools as a youth, to raising his family in the shadows of Mt. St. Helens, Brian's affinity for the forest and devoted passion of woodworking has grown deeper than he could have imagined. Born in Baltimore, he has spent the last several decades woodworking professionally, studying the beauty and functionality of custom wood creations.
He designs each piece by hand and crafts each masterpiece one by one from the most elegant, superlative materials available.

History in the making

Unforgettable & enduring

Precision craftsmanship. Exact tolerances. Refined skills. Talents like these take thousands of hours and decades to master, every beautifully handcrafted piece is as timeless as the wood itself.


Top Sellers

Hardwood Cutting Board

Individual & Unmatched

The intricate details and precision craftsmanship amplify every radiant characteristic so beautifully that you might not want to cut on these boards at all.

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Centerpiece tray

Luxurious & elegant

Standout from the crowd and enhance the look of any room, table, or dresser top with these magnificent, one-of-a-kind centerpieces.

Artisan of Timber (1)

Slide-Top treasure box

From trinkets to secrets

These fun and vivacious hardwood boxes are sure to garnish the imagination of anyone at any age.

Artisan of Timber (1)
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